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The Link Exchange
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It's, like, totally simple ^^! Link me, e-mail me(roxusan@sbcglobal.net) and let me know!
Be sure to include your site and site adress as well as the address to any of your banners
(Fear not, I won't link to the banners... I just don't want you to e-mail me any
attachments ^^.) Then I'll e-mail you back telling you you've been linked! I'll link to
any site so long it's not kiddie porn (porn featuring people under age 14) or something
supporting animal abuse.

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My personal site that showcases
my artwork, fanfiction, fanart,
HTML tips, and more! Be sure
to visit the "RoxyNet!"

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Shadows in the Sky
An awesome anime site by my
friend, Letta. If you want
the full anime otaku experience,
this is the site for you!

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