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Name: Enoki
Age: unknown
Sex: Male
Information: The willfull Enoki seems untroubled by what goes on around him. He refuses to
notice how flawed Diamond Juarez is, and loses himself in his art. He is rarely seen without his
CD player and a sketchpad. God-fearing, with an attitude that is too good to be true, Enoki
attempts to forget what has been troubling him since he was cursed with ability to remember.

Name: Farren
Age: unknown, looks 18
Sex: Male
Information: The name "Farren" means "wanderer," and couldn't have been more aptly chosen.
Farren has no memory of the past, no opinion of the present, and no hope for the future. He
spent the majority of his life aimlessly wandering, and by chance stumbles into Diamond Juarez.
He does not know where he wants to go, but knows where he doesn't want to stay in this no-man's
land. After unsuccessfully trying to leave Diamond Juarez, he learns that Station 13 is the only
way out of town. He decides to find it, giving him a goal in his otherwise dull and neutral life.

Name: Jane Elaine
Age: unknown
Sex: Male
Information: Jane Elaine is flamboyant, loud, and makes no secret of his homosexuality.
Although he acts like a "himbo", he is incredibly head-strong, smart, and determined. As an
educated city boy the dullness of Dimanod Juarez bores him, and an old childhood memory makes
him obsessed with Farren.

Name: Josephine the Sex Queen
Age: unknown
Sex: Female
Information: The doll-faced and ample-chested Josephine is nicknamed "The Sex Queen."
She is something of a "lookout" for Diamond Juarez. Everyday, she stands by the road leading
into the town, tracking the who comes in. It is said she is waiting for something only she
knows is coming. As a character, Josephine is and talkative and cheerful, yet strangely
distant and secrative. The rumors around the town state that she was born faceless save
for her mouth, and drew and sculpted her own face.

Name: Shadow
Age: unknown
Sex: Female
Information: Shadow is a strong-willed pessemist. She is an avid writer who
normally does not leave the house. She has very few friends, her twin brother,
Enoki (her opposite in many ways), is among them. She also befriends Josephine.
Shadow might be a "little person", but when it comes to people, she sees the
big picture.
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