Wonderflu wonderflu - Tuesday , July 25 , 2006

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About Moi
Blarg, it's Roxy!
Name: Roxanne de Winter
Nickname: Roxy
Birthday: 7-13-89
Sex: Female
Zodiac Animal: Snake
Location: Middle of Nowhere, CA
Likes: talking, drawing, writing, animals (especially dogs),
politics, anime, fashion, webcomics, sweets, true crime,
food in general
Dislikes: people who torture animals, rascists, nit-pickers,
homophobes, people who don't like me, tofu, femenist-haters
Blog: Roxic Waste
Pic-a-tures: Roxic Waste Picture Page
Other websites: Dandylion Fields (All-purpose Roxy site index)

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